Things to Keep in Mind When You First Start Cosplaying
If you want to get into cosplaying, here are three things to keep in mind as you start creating your first cosplay.
If you've taken enough pictures with renditions of your favorite characters and you want to start cosplaying, we have some tips to get you started.
It’s all about collecting ideas

Most people get into cosplay because there is a character they wish to recreate. At conventions, you’ll find that many cosplayers are more than just a costume — they also mimic certain poses, expressions, or movements from the characters they portray. It’s equal parts of acting and art.

If you want to remix an existing character, try taking two things you love and blending them into a unique but recognizable cosplay. Take the most iconic part of the character design and add it to your own costume.

Identify what you can make vs what you have to buy

Now that you have your idea, where do you begin? The best thing to do is to start simple. Even though it would be awesome to recreate a Big Daddy from Bioshock, something that large can be difficult to pull off on your first attempt.

Start by identifying parts of the costume you can purchase and repurpose: Like repainting a pair of boots or turning a curtain into a piece of a dress. Then, identify the parts you'll probably have to make by hand or have constructed. From there, you can put together a materials list and an action plan on completing your cosplay piece by piece. Be aware that cosplay can get very expensive. Try your best to stick to your budget and be thrifty with materials you have on hand. your local thrift shop or used goods stores are great places to find materials for low cost.

Getting stuck isn’t the end of the world

Don't worry if you get stuck in the creative process! The best thing you can do is to take a breath and take a break. Looking at something unrelated to your cosplay can help create new ideas. You can also watch online tutorials if you get stuck on a technical aspect.

And although it sucks, you have to get comfortable with failure. Whether that means making mistakes, changing your cosplay, or starting over completely, try to have fun failing. So long as your learning, your next cosplay will be better for it.

The great thing about cosplay is that anyone can do it. And, you can do it however you like. Above anything else, the best way to grow your skills as a cosplayer is to get started. There are plenty of events and conventions where you can practice your craft!

Happy creating!